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Version actuelle : 1.3.6
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Nécessite Android : 1.3.6
Installations : Entre 50 000 et 100 000
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Word App is a word generator using the CSW12 (270163 words!), SOWPODS or TWL06 word lists, used in tournament Scrabble.
Easily check a word is valid for the selected word list. Search for words that can be made from entered letters, and more with multiple search types.
For Scrabble players to crossword solvers.

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These words arn't really words / A common word is not included.

There are a great many words in use in the english language and I cannot hope to please everyone as to their definition of what is a word or not. The 3 dictionaries offered to use are official word lists used in tournament Scrabble. I think if anyone knows whether a word should be in or out of an application like this then it's these guys.

The word wont work in game X.

See above. It's not up to me to tell other developers which word list to choose. I think I've chosen the right ones.

It's not finding any words.

Do you have your search type set correctly for what you are trying to do? Chances are you want the 'Build' search type.

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Screenshots  Word App
Screenshots  Word App
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Taille: 4,4M